Subject: Cub Pride - September 13, 2013
Date to send: 9/20/2013 at 12:00 PM

ImageMessage from the District Office 
September Board of Education Meeting

     The Monett R-1 School Board of Education met on Thursday evening, September 19, at 6:00 p.m. for the regular board meeting.  The following business was conducted during the board meeting: 

Minutes from the regular August meeting of the Board of Education were approved.

Consent Agenda
The consent agenda was approved, including the following items:
  • Paying the bills
  • Approving Transportation Routes and NO Additional Expense Numbers
  • Missouri Foundation for Health Grant Agreement
  • Discipline Reporting Agreement w/ City of Monett Police Department

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This Week's Building Level and Departmental Update

Monett High School

David Steward, Principal


     One of the things that Monett High School is always looking to do is find new and innovative ways to engage students with their own learning.  As we began the school year, the MHS faculty discussed how the Google 80/20 philosophy can be utilized in our classrooms.  What is the Google 80/20 philosophy?  In short, the Google 80/20 structure places the learner working on teacher-directed objectives 80% of the time while allowing students to choose what they want to learn (as long as it is related to the course) the remaining 20% of the time.  Research indicates that when students get some choice in what they are learning, they are more engaged and passionate about that learning.

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Monett R-1 Special Services Department
Elaine O'Neal, Director

        Did you know that every fall the law requires all school districts to conduct a “child find” to locate, evaluate, and identify all children with disabilities within the jurisdiction of the district, regardless of where they attend school? This includes students who are home schooled, attending private schools and preschools within the district boundaries, as well as students attending our Monett R-1 campuses.  
        You may notice what’s called a “Public Notice” in the newspaper, in radio ads, or posted in private schools, as well as our school offices, that assure parents and staff that we will provide a free, appropriate public education (FAPE) to all eligible children between the ages of 3 and 21, regardless of the severity of disability. 

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Upcoming Calendar Events

September 20, 2013
Special Olympics Field Day
MHS - FFA Farm Safety Workshop
                      at Springfield
MHS - Football at East Newton
MHS - Monett Girls Tennis Tourney

September 21, 2013
MMS - Monett 7th Grade Volleyball Tourney
MHS - JV Volleyball Tourney at Aurora
MHS - Varsity Volleyball Tourney at Ash Grove

September 23, 2013
District - No School -
                Teacher Professional Development
MHS - JV Football with East Newton
MHS - 9th Grade Football with Joplin
MHS - Girls Tennis at Republic

September 24, 2013
MMS - Volleyball with Aurora
MHS - FFA Greenhand Conference at   
            Crowder College
MHS - Cross Country at Nixa
MHS - Boys Soccer at Springfield Central
MHS - Softball at Carl Junction
MHS - Boys Swim/Diving at Webb City
MHS - Volleyball with Hurley

September 26, 2013
MMS - Football with Aurora
Volleyball at Seneca
- Boys Soccer with Springfield Hillcrest
MHS - Softball at Aurora
MHS - Girls Tennis with Mt. Vernon
MHS - Volleyball at Mt. Vernon

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         Monett Elementary School (Pre-K to 2nd)
Central Park Elementary (3rd and 4)  
Intermediate School (5th and 6th)
Middle School (7th and 8th)
High School (9th to 12th)
Scott Regional Technology Center