Subject: Cub Pride - September 27, 2013
Date to send: 9/27/2013 at 12:00 PM

ImageMessage from the District Office 
Brad Hanson, Superintendent

    The Monett R-1 School District was recently awarded one of thirteen statewide Missouri Foundation for Health (MFH) “Schools as the Hub” grants that align to the “Healthy Schools, Healthy Communities” initiative. Initially, this grant will provide the school district with approximately $125,000 over the next year to specifically address the area of childhood obesity. In addition, this grant has the initial potential to be renewed for an additional four years. The MFH announced Monett R-1’s grant award at a press conference held at E.E. Camp Gymnasium on Friday, September 20.

Continue reading update on the "Schools as the Hub" grant awarded to Monett R-1.

This Week's Building Level and Departmental Update

Monett Intermediate School

Peg Bryan, Principal


       Monett Intermediate School has re-adopted the “FISH Philosophy.” In order to assist students in managing their attitudes and behaviors, MIS teachers decided to re-teach the “Fish Philosophy.” The Fish Philosophy involves four principles: Be There, Play, Make Their Day, and Choose Your Attitude. The Fish Philosophy was created and inspired by the owner and workers of the Seattle, Washington, Pike’s Place Fish Market. 

Continue reading about "Fish Philosophy" lessons at MIS.

Monett R-1 Athletic Department
Daryl Bradley, Director


        The Monett High School Athletic Department continued its fall community service program titled "Breakfast with Champions." This program involves Monett High School student-athletes attending Monett Elementary School and reading with the students. This is the third year of the program, and there are plans to continue it in the winter and spring months.

Continue reading about the MHS/MES Breakfast of Champions program. 


Upcoming Calendar Events

September 27, 2013
MES - 2nd Grade Field Trip to College of the Ozarks
MHS - Football with Aurora with
                     Homecoming Festivities
MHS - Softball at Springfield Tourney
SRTC - Skills USA State Leadership Conference
              in Jefferson City

September 28, 2013
MMS - Monett 8th Grade Volleyball Tourney
MHS - Band at Webb Stock
MHS - Cross Country at East Newton
MHS - Softball at Springfield Tourney
MHS - Boys Swim/Diving at Webb City
MHS - Volleyball at Strafford Tourney
SRTC - Skills USA State Leaddership
             Conference in Jefferson City

September 30, 2013
MHS - JV Football at Aurora
MHS - 9th Grade Football at Bolivar
MHS - Girls Tennis at Webb City

October 1, 2013
MMS - Volleyball with East Newton
MHS - Cross Country at Lamar
MHS - Softball at McDonald County
MHS - Boys Swim/Diving at Sprinfield
            Fosters National
MHS - Girls Tennis with Thomas Jefferson
MHS - Volleyball at East Newton

October 2, 2013
MHS - College Day

October 3, 2013

MMS - Football at Seneca
Volleyball at Wheaton
- Boys Soccer at Willard Tourney
MHS - Softball with East Newton
MHS - Boys Swim/Diving with Kickapoo,
            Nixa, and Bolivar
MHS - Girls Tennis with Springfield Greenwood
MHS - Volleyball with Cassville

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Central Park Elementary (3rd and 4)  
Intermediate School (5th and 6th)
Middle School (7th and 8th)
High School (9th to 12th)
Scott Regional Technology Center