Subject: Cub Pride - February 28th, 2014
Date to send: 2/28/2014 at 12:00 PM

ImageMessage from the District Office 
Marty Scabarozi, President, Monett R-1 Board of Education

        Our district has focused a lot on technology the last few years, but I have never heard anyone say, “I want to take so-and-so’s class because she has some cool computers.” The only time I hear students or parents talking up a certain class is because of a teacher.
        There was a professor at my alma mater, The University of Florida, that was the definition of “it’s all about the teacher.” In 1968, UF had about 19,000 students. The food science department was part of the college of agriculture. They had one food science major. Knowing they needed to do better, one of the faculty suggested a person he knew from graduate school at MIT who he thought could change things. His name was Howard Appledorf. They convinced him to come to Gainesville and build a program.

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This Week's Building Level and Departmental Updates

Monett Elementary School
Susie Gasser, Principal



        We need you!!!! Mark this date on your calendars-April 26th! That is the date of the 2nd Annual Cub Run sponsored by our MES PTO, and we want you to be a part of it! The run will be a 5k/1 mi. run/walk beginning at 8:30 a.m. with registration opening at 7:30 a.m. at the entrance to the elementary school. The proceeds will support the Monett Elementary Parent Teacher Organization-100% of the profits will directly benefit MES students and staff!!
        Our PTO generously assists with funding portions of the annual field trips taken by each grade level as well as showing support and appreciation to teachers throughout the year with quarterly luncheons or breakfasts.  This organization also funds our annual Field Day for students during the last week of school. Each year PTO organizes two book fairs that provide hundreds of additional books for classrooms and is also able to provide teachers with extra money for classroom supplies and materials.

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Monett R-1 Library Services - Middle School Campus
Anne Bryan, Library Media Specialist

Libraries: Part of the Past or Part of the Future?

        Now that our school has 1:1 computers, I have been asked several times what the future holds for books and libraries. I am here to say that books and the library shouldn’t be going anywhere soon. 
        Many have supposed that with the advent of electronic-readers (e-readers) like Kindle and NOOK and the ability to download e-books onto tablets and computers, the day of hard-copy books is over; however, in a recent survey of our 7th grade students, of the 54% who have used an e-reader of some sort, only 15% prefer to read in an electronic format.
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Upcoming Calendar Events

February 28, 2014
MES - PreK/Kingergarten Screenings
MCP - Big Red visits Fourth Grade
MHS - FFA Horse Judging Clinic at
MHS - Speech/Debate District Contests
             at Carthage
SRTC - SkillsUSA Contests at MSSU

March 1, 2014
MHS - FFA Workshop at
            College of the Ozarks
MHS - Speech/Debate Contests at Carthage

March 3, 2014
MHS - FFA Creed Speaking Contest,
            FFA Knowledge Contest,
            FFA Leadership Jackpot,
            and FFA State Officer Interviews
            at East Newton
MHS - Rachel's Challenge
             (Anti-bullying assembly from victim
             of Columbine High School incident.) Student session in afternoon and community session in the evening.

March 4, 2014
MHS - Parent Information Meeting regarding
            MOD Scheduling for 2014/2015

March 6, 2014
MES - First Grade Music Concert
MCP - Asthma Class
MIS - Oreo Day
MHS - FFA Entomology Team at
             MU Research Center
MHS - Parent Information Meeting regarding
             MOD Scheduling for 2014/2015
MHS - Parent Information Meeting regarding
              Spring Sports

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