Subject: Cub Pride - March 7th, 2014
Date to send: 3/7/2014 at 12:00 PM

ImageMessage from the District Office 
Brad Hanson, Superintendent

        In Missouri, the first Wednesday of March is set aside to recognize school principals for their leadership and dedication to the students they serve on a daily basis. The Monett R-1 School District is certainly blessed to have a tremendous group of building-level leaders who each bring to the table a wealth of experience as well as a passion for ensuring that our district remains “Student Focused” and “Future Driven.”
       Having served as a building-level administrator for ten years, I can honestly say that a principal’s role is not an easy one. First and foremost, principals are charged with creating a vision of learning for the future. In Monett, we continually ask our administrative team to progressively move their buildings forward. This year’s beginning-of-the-year challenge to be “better” and “different” certainly applied to our building principals as well.  

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This Week's Building Level and Departmental Updates

Monett Middle School
Dr. Apostol, Principal



        The eighth grade Communication Arts class, through the direction of DeAnn Crawford, published an anthology, When I Was Four: The Evolution of My Thinking. The writing pieces were the final project from the Great Speech Unit co-created by Ms. Crawford and Justin Semerad. Students demonstrated mastery of the unit objectives in their writing, which included repetition, allusion, tone, and figurative language. Through assistance of the Ozarks Writing Project (OWP), Ms. Crawford utilized a text structure that prompted students to identify something that was true about life, something that kept them moving through life. The students then examined how this term evolved throughout their lives. The recurring themes about which students wrote centered around love, faith, strength, determination, and family.

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Monett Counseling Services - High School Campus
Princess Fox, Counselor

        It is that time of year. Monett High School seniors are receiving information regarding local scholarships available solely to Monett students. Last year our students received around $89,000 in scholarships from local businesses and donors. This amount clearly represents the generosity of our community and the value placed on education for the younger generation. Students will have until March 27 to complete all the scholarship applications for which they are qualified. All scholarship applications are available on the Monett High School Counselor Center webpage in SchoolFusion. Scholarship recipients will be announced during Honors Night on May 12, 2014.  
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Upcoming Calendar Events

March 7th, 2014
MCP - Big Red visits 4th Grade
MHS - STUCO March Madness
              Basketball Games

March 8th, 2014
MMS - Band CubFest at MHS
MHS - FFA at Miller CDE Contests

March 9th, 2014
Daylight Savings Time Begins
Move clocks forward one hour.

March 10th, 2014
District - Board of Education Meeting
- Parent Information Meeting regarding
            MOD Scheduling for 2014/2015

March 13th, 2014
MHS - STUCO State Conference at Imperial

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