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  Cub Pride
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Message from the District Office
Mike Dawson, Assistant Superintendent

     Amendment 3 – Thank You!
            On behalf of the Monett R-1 School District Board of Education and the central office administration, we would like to thank our teachers, administrators, the Monett community, and all Missourians for soundly defeating Amendment 3 on November 4th.  The constitutional amendment was defeated in all counties and recorded the most votes over all other election races and proposed amendments.  To summarize, Amendment 3 would have been a change to the Missouri Constitution that required teachers to be evaluated solely on student performance on the state’s standardized tests.  Standardized assessments have a place, but it should never be the end-all measurement to determine teacher effectiveness. The Monett R-1 teacher evaluation system focuses on growing professionals that make an impact on student learning.  We know that great teachers build relationships, care deeply, use a variety of instructional strategies, manage student behaviors, and openly communicate with families.  These characteristics are not measured by a single exam. Through strong, common sense leadership, Monett R-1 was one of 235 school districts that formally opposed the amendment by passing a resolution expressing concern and opposition.

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Monett R-1 Health Services
Carole Hamm, RN, Lead Nurse

        Fall is a busy time for the Monett R-1 Health Services staff.  The nurses have been gathering immunization data, screening students for hearing, vision, and head lice, and as always, assessing and treating sick or hurt students.
        Our staff is always on the alert for communicable diseases such as the flu and the latest problem virus, Enterovirus-D68.  Fortunately, the Enterovirus has not caused a large number of hospitalizations and serious complications in our area, but with cold weather comes a greater chance of an increase in respiratory diseases. A parent or guardian should be vigilant whenever his or her child has a respiratory illness, especially if there is a pre-existing lung condition such as asthma or an already compromised immune system.  Enterovirus-68 causes symptoms similar to a cold, but parents should seek health care immediately if their child runs a high fever and especially if there is trouble with breathing.  
        Since there are few, if any, medications to combat viruses, a strong immune system is necessary to combat them and to prevent complications. Parents can keep their children healthy by ensuring enough sleep, healthy meals, exercise opportunities, and as always, encouraging frequent hand washing and the covering of coughs and sneezes.

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Monett High School
David Steward, Principal

MHS Joins with Scott Tech in Honoring Our Veterans

     Monett High School students and staff joined forces with the JROTC program at Scott Regional Technology Center (SRTC) on Tuesday, November 11th, to honor our veterans.  For the past few years, each facility has recognized veterans separately, but staff at the facilities worked together this year to provide our veterans with recognitions at two events in one day.  
     The first event was an assembly held at Monett High School.  The JROTC cadets from SRTC began the assembly with the presentation of colors.  The MHS Band and MHS Choir jointly performed the national anthem.  Following the “The Star-Spangled Banner,” JROTC cadets completed a ceremonial folding of the flag, detailing the significance of each fold, and then presented the flag to one of our veterans in attendance.  Each veteran in attendance then introduced himself/herself to the student body.  Following these introductions, the MHS Student Senate described the significance of the traditional yellow ribbon.  The guest speaker for the morning was Staff Sergeant Terry Billingsly.  At the conclusion of SSG Billingsly's remarks, a slideshow consisting of pictures of relatives of current MHS students and faculty who served or are serving in the armed forces was displayed.  To close the assembly, the history of “Taps” was read and then “Taps” was played to honor all of our fallen veterans.
     Following the assembly at Monett High School, veterans made their way to the SRTC commons area where they attended a luncheon in their honor.

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Upcoming Calendar Events

Friday, November 14, 2014  MHS - Veteran's Day Assembly
                                               MHS - Speech/Debate at
                                                          Clayton/Ladue Tournament
                                               MHS - Football at Osage
                                               SRTC - Veteran's Day Luncheon
Saturday, November 15, 2014  MHS - Speech/Debate at
                                                               Clayton/Ladue Tournament
Monday, November 17, 2014  MMS - Girls Basketball at St. Peter's
                                                  MMS - Wrestling at Seneca
                                                  MHS - Academic Team Quad
                                                             at Cassville
Tuesday, November 18, 2014 
MMS - Girls Basketball
                                                               with Mt. Vernon
                                                   MMS - Wrestling at Carl Junction    
                                                   MHS - FBLA Dodge Ball Tourney

Thursday, November 20, 2014  District - Monthly Board of  
                                                                    Education Meeting
                                                     MIS - Parent Laptop Meeting
                                                     MMS - Girls Basketball at Seneca
                                                     MMS - Wrestling at                     
                                                                 McDonald County
                                                     MHS - STUCO Golden Age Dinner

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