Subject: Cub Pride - November 25th, 2014
Date to send: 11/25/2014 at 12:00 PM

  Cub Pride
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Message from the District Office
A.J. Bahl, Board of Education Member

            It is difficult to believe that the holiday season is already upon us.  At the hectic pace that most in the school district have been keeping, the time between the start of the school year and now has certainly flown by.  Now that we are at the week of Thanksgiving, we have the opportunity to pause for a moment, catch our breath, and reflect on many of the blessings around us.  With all the work going on in the Monett R-1 School District, there are many things for which to be thankful this season.
            A drive around our high school and intermediate school campuses will show you impressive progress on our two FEMA shelter projects.  These projects both continue to progress on schedule and will soon be providing a new cafeteria, performing arts center, safety, security, and peace of mind for the students, parents, and other members of our community.  If you find yourself in these areas and have the opportunity, take a moment to share a little appreciation to the crews working hard on bringing these projects together.
            Inside our high school building, our students and staff continue to adapt to our switch to modular scheduling.  It has not been a perfect or easy transition, as no significant change ever is, but a recent survey of our students, parents, and teachers showed that all groups continue to feel that it is the way to go to improve our learning environment.  I am thankful for all those involved who have the courage to look for ways to improve the education of our children and the vision with which to accomplish it.  I am just as grateful for all of those adapting to the change and doing the hard work to make it happen.

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Monett Central Park Elementary and
Intermediate School Libraries

Stacey Holt, Library Media Specialist

Well, the excitement has finally died down here at CPE library!  Our annual fall book fair was held November 10-14th.  The kids were so excited to see all the available new book titles.  They were also very excited to see all the fairy tale characters who visited throughout the week. The theme was “My Kingdom for a Book.”  We were visited by Snow White, the Queen of Hearts, Queen Elsa from Frozen, and even the terrifying Maleficent!  Thank you to all the teachers for being so flexible during the week, the parents for all their help, and the students for being part of the fun!

     At the MIS library, fifth graders have been working on inferencing and drawing conclusions during their library time each week.  Each class has selected a chapter book that they are very excited about and as we read, various activities are incorporated into the reading that focus on inferencing and drawing conclusions.  Last week with Ms. Kew’s class, Mrs. Long brought comic strips in as one of our inferencing/drawing conclusions activities.  So, if you see Mrs. Long or a fifth grader from Mrs. Kew’s class, be sure to ask them about this activity!

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Scott Regional Technology Center
David Miller, Director

               You’re on Your Own:  Now What?
     Students at Scott Tech will have the opportunity to gain knowledge and insight from many of our community partners on Friday, December 5th.  We will be culminating an employability activity where students will have completed their resume, a job application with cover letter, and met with employers in the community within their program area of study.  The theme for the day is “You’re on Your Own” (YOYO).  The goal of YOYO is to provide information to students to help them in the job market, in college, or with day-to-day experiences when they are on their own.  The following twelve presenters representing our community partners will offer the following sessions to students:
1.   “Before the Interview:  Getting Your Foot in the Door” – Anita Prow
2.   “21st Century Skills” – Jasen Jones
3.   “Career Preparation” – Jeanie McCleery
4.   “College 101” – Laurie Woolfolk
5.   “Employer Panel” – facilitated by Jeff Meredith; Chuck Brewster, Jack Schultz,       
       Pam Evans, Tina Felder, and Doug Edgeman
6.   “Generational Differences” – Lindsay Haymes

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