Subject: Cub Pride - December 12th, 2014
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  Cub Pride
Student Focused...Future Driven


Message from the District Office
Mike Dawson, Assistant Superintendent

Busy Time of Year...Give the Gift of Reading
     This is the time of year when we stop to give thanks, exchange gifts, and break bread with family and friends.  As this season ramps up with programs, events, and shopping, I want to encourage you to give the gift of reading to your family.  Reading to and with children has a number of benefits that extend beyond the classroom. Children who read have an increased vocabulary, better communication skills, and advanced logical thinking.  Aaron Kinnari, Founder of Read Notebooks, stated, “…a book has the power to spark curiosity, introduce innovation, and open opportunities.” Unfortunately, many homes don’t have access to good literature to reap the benefits of reading.  

     To help bridge this gap and provide this gift of reading, the district has partnered with Capstone Learning to provide each K-6 child full access to a digital library called myON Reader.  Students have their own “library account” with access to over 3,000 digital books. Christian, my second grade son, is a kid who enjoys video games and movies, but myON caught his attention.  My son took an interest inventory and baseline reading exam.  The program then loaded high interest books at his individual reading level.  For Christian, that meant a lot of books about science, animals, and vehicles.  At night, he logs onto his account using our iPad or our home computer to access “his books.”  He enjoys reading his books, but the program also allows for books to be read to him by well-known actors.  Christian has commented, “I like these books.” His engagement and excitement has been powerful and contagious.

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Monett R-1 Wellness Initiative
Alex Hutchings, Wellness Coordinator

Creating a Healthy U to Make a Healthy US!
     While the Healthy Schools, Healthy Communities has been primarily focusing on the health of our children, we have also been focusing on the health of our very own Monett R-1 employees.
     On Monday, December 1st, Monett R-1 Wellness hosted its first revamped employee health fair.  Over 100 employees participated in this exciting event, which honored the Healthy Schools, Healthy Communities commitment to better serve the schools and community.  Participants received free health screenings including blood pressure checks, glucose screening, cholesterol screening, triglycerides, and BMI calculations with useful nutrition and exercise tips.  Demonstrators from the YMCA provided us with yoga practices, Zumba, and Body Pump! These demonstrations took place every half hour.  Many people relaxed as they enjoyed free massages provided by professional therapists. Employees enjoyed a healthy meal provided by OPAA while anticipating who would win the raffles, which included amazing prizes such as a free massage, Cardinals tickets, a wreath provided by Ramey's, and many more!

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Monett Elementary School
Susie Gasser, Principal

Color Me PAWSitive!
      The first quarter ended with a burst of color at MES’s Big Event Color Run.  Nurse Sheena Parrigon and our District Wellness Coordinator Alex Hutchings worked hard putting together a wonderful event for our students who had earned enough “brag bands” to participate in the color run on the elementary campus on our new track.  (Students earn brag bands by “getting caught” doing the right thing.)  There were eight to ten parents who helped shower the color on the runners and to help pass out snacks of fruit and water.  We give a big “thank you” to Price Cutter for helping us out with those snacks!
      Each quarter students have the opportunity to earn their way to the Big Event by making good choices.  Ask your child to tell you what the PAWS expectations are.  You can always look on the district website for the matrix with all of the expectations we have here at MES.  We will be having a behavior lesson review week (behavior boot camp) the first full week of school in January.  More information will be coming home after Christmas break!

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Monett Central Park Elementary
Annette Cozort, Principal     

      Exciting things are happening at the CPE library!  Some of our third grade students were given the opportunity to work with Mr. Bennion’s creative writing class from the high school. Each third grader was asked to choose his/her favorite picture book.  The high school students then read each picture book to the students in their group. After reading, the stories were discussed, identifying what students liked/disliked or found funny or most creative, etc., about each story.  A new story that the high school student will write in the next few weeks was then planned with each group. Surprisingly, a lot of the third grade students want the new story to include zombies, princesses, and maybe even a few vegetables.  (I think the creative writing class students might have their work cut out for them on this part!)  When the high school students return in a few weeks, the third grade students will get to hear the new story and become the illustrators for that story!  It was very heart warming to see the connection right away between the groups of students even though the age and grade levels are very different.  It was also very exciting to hear all the creativity going on in the room all at once.  It was interesting how much more fun reading can be when you have an audience and/or a “bigger” kid reading to you instead of reading alone.  We can’t wait to have the creative writing students back as soon as possible!  Thank you again to Mr. Bennion and his students!

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Monett Intermediate School
Peg Bryan, Principal

     Monett Intermediate School fifth graders in Mrs. Cox and Mrs. Powers’ classes are partnering with Judy Seawell, SLP, to learn sign language so they can better communicate with a classmate.  Fifteen of these students are practicing so they can “sign/sing” a Christmas song.  The following students are participating:  Jimmy Agustin, Azael Avelar, Gabriela Alamaraz, Leo Vargas, Anahi Almaraz, Santanna Rodriguez, Edgar Salas, Paige Copeland, Adriana Contreras, Marlene Morales, Jisell Canales, Layla House, Victoria Lopez, Anna Long, and Espn Crockett.  Our “sign choir” will be performing at our Cubpella concert on December 11, 2014, at 6:30 p.m. in the MMS auditorium.  We invite you to attend this exciting concert.

     MIS has added Student Council (StuCo) to its after-school menu of activities.  Homeroom students nominated candidates, and then students voted for their student council representatives.  StuCo meets weekly with Mrs. Huntress and Mrs. Carden.  Their focus is to develop leadership skills and to provide service to their community—school and beyond.  So far this school year, StuCo organized, set-up, and were responsible for securing parent volunteers to work at the book fair.  In addition, StuCo students made holiday placemats and delivered them to Loaves and Fishes and Lacoba Nursing Home. 

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Upcoming Calendar Events
Friday, December 12, 2014  MHS - Boys Basketball with
                                               MHS - Speech/Debate at 
                                               Carl Junction Novice Tourney

Saturday, December 13, 2014  MHS - ACT Test 
                                                    MHS - Pizzazz Poms host
                                                    Lil Pizzazz Dance Clinic
                                                    at MAC
                                                    MHS - Speech/Debate at
                                                    Carl Junction Novice  
                                                    MHS - JV Wrestling at Harrisonville
                                                    MHS - Varsity Wrestling at
                                                               Carl Junction 

Sunday, December 14, 2014 MHS - Choir Christmas Concert
                                                           at NewSite Baptist Church

Monday, December 15, 2014 MMS - Girls Basketball Big 8  
                                                Conference Tourney at Seneca
                                                through December 19
                                                MHS - Academic Team Quad at Lamar
                                                MHS - Girls Basketball with Neosho
Tuesday, December 16, 2014  MHS - Boys Basketball at Diamond
                                                   MHS - Girls Swim/Dive Team
                                                              at Carthage

Wednesday, December 17, 2014  MHS - English Language
                                                                   Learner's PAC Event
                                                                   at MHS Commons
Thursday, December 18, 2014  District - Monthly Board of 
                                                                    Education Meeting
                                                    MHS - Girls Basketball with

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