Subject: Cub Pride - January 9th, 2015
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  Cub Pride
Student Focused...Future Driven


Message from the District Office
Dr. Brad Hanson, Superintendent

     As we move into the 2015 portion of this school year, I believe this is an ideal time to reflect upon the past few months and to continue to challenge ourselves to move forward in perfecting our craft during the latter part of the school year.  This type of reflection can lead to some educational “New Year’s resolutions” that we hope will stick and not be abandoned (like so many other resolutions) before winter ends.
     For teachers, one effective way to reflect and identify action steps for continued growth is by reviewing the professional growth plan completed at the beginning of the school year.  How are you progressing towards those goals?  Is there anything that might need to be altered to assist you in achieving your goals?  These are valuable reflective questions that allow you to monitor yourself and your progress toward meeting goals as well as often leading to altered strategies towards accomplishing these same goals.
     For students and parents, January is also a terrific time to evaluate students’ previous progress in learning.  There is no better time to approach learning with a renewed sense of motivation and commitment than the beginning of a new semester.  Whether you are a top-notch student or whether you are struggling to keep up with the daily grind of school work, reflecting on your own habits and committing to renewed practices will help lead to improved learning.  For parents, this is also a great time to reflect upon your own involvement in your child’s learning process.  Is there a way to become more engaged in partnering with the teacher/school to assist your child at home in his/her learning development?

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Monett R-1 Technology
Lauralie Powell, Technology Integration Specialist
     Some lucky little second graders will be finding a sweet surprise when they return to their classrooms in January.  One of the many projects the technology department has been working on is getting the Monett R-1 School District set up with four 1:1 iPad classrooms.
     Third grade teacher, Mr. Josh Carter, was the first to pilot the program here in Monett.  His students have had their own iPads since the beginning of the school year, so Mr. Carter and his students have had a few months to set up some great classroom procedures.  His 3rd graders have created some fabulous projects.  When asked what the advantages are to teaching in a 1:1 iPad classroom, Mr. Carter responded that data collection and tracking student progress was much easier with each student having his or her own device.  Differentiation takes on a whole new meaning for the classroom teacher when each student has his or her own iPad.  

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Monett Elementary School
Susie Gasser, Principal

Polite and Respectful   Act Responsibly   Work Hard   Safe

     Welcome to 2015!  MES students and staff will begin this new year with our second round of PBiS Boot Camp!  Students will spend a few days reviewing our Positive Behavior intervention Support expectations through common lessons directed at specific behaviors focused on being Polite and respectful, Always responsible, Working hard, and Staying Safe (PAWS).   Learning appropriate school and social behaviors is a prerequisite to learning academic content and is a very important focus at MES.  Our goal is for students to develop positive behavior habits that will enhance learning opportunities not only at MES but  also throughout their educational career and even into their adult work and social life. 

     Another important activity coming soon is screenings for next year’s preschool and kindergarten students.  If you have or know of a child who will turn four or five before August 1, 2015, call for your appointment today!  Screenings take about an hour and are held on the Monett Elementary School campus.  You will need to bring your child’s immunization record with you, and we also ask that you bring a copy of your child’s birth certificate.  Call the MES office at 235-3411 to make your  appointment.

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Monett Central Park Elementary School
Annette Cozort, Principal     

     Happy 2015!  Central Park teachers welcomed back students with a review of our Positive Behavior Support program expectations and a few days to practice routines as we move around the hallway, to lunch, and to recess!  PBS helps students stay focused on make good choices and decisions, which is a great way to begin again in 2015!
     Second semester our students will be reviewing and learning new skills to help them be successful on the Missouri Assessment Program Spring 2015 test.  Several calendar weeks will be used to schedule test-like practice questions to help students learn to solve problems and to learn strategies when trying to decide on the correct answer choice.  This spring will be the first time our 3rd and 4th graders will be taking the Missouri state assessment electronically.  We have been practicing using our laptops and learning keyboarding to help ease the stress of taking the assessment online. 

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Monett Intermediate School
Peg Bryan, Principal

     2015 brings many new and exciting things to MIS students, teachers, staff, and parents.  During the Christmas break, our wonderful district technology department spent considerable hours making sure that our student laptop charging stations were set up and working, delivering laptops to homeroom classrooms, and ensuring that MIS students and staff will be ready for our 1:1 laptop roll-out on January 7th.  
     We send our sincerest appreciation to the maintenance staff, construction technology instructors and students, and to the district maintenance staff for getting the charging stations and computers ready for student use.  We send our thanks to Dr. Hanson, Mr. Dawson, and the Monett R-1 School Board for supporting this initiative.
     Parent meetings/trainings will be held on the following dates and times.  Parents will be required to attend all three trainings for students to qualify to take the laptops home.   
Training Session #1 will be available the following dates:
     Thursday, January 15  5:30-6:45 p.m.
     Tuesday, January 20    8:30-9:45 a.m.

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Upcoming Calendar Events
Friday, January 9, 2015  MHS - Speech/Debate at
                                                    Carthage/Webb City Tourney
                                          MHS - Wrestling at Neosho

Saturday, January 10, 2015  MHS - Speech/Debate at
                                                            Carthage/Webb City Tourney
                                                MHS - Wrestling hosts annual
                                                            Monett Tourney
Monday, January 12, 2015  MMS - Boys Basketball at Aurora
                                              MHS - Academic Team Quad
                                                         at Mt. Vernon
                                              MHS - Financial Aid Night in Commons
                                              MHS - Girls Basketball at Carl Junction

Tuesday, January 13, 2015  MMS - Boys Basketball with Cassville
                                               MHS - Girls Swim/Dive Team
                                                          at Springfield 
Wednesday, January 14, 2015  MES - Pre-K/Kindergarten 

Thursday, January 15, 2015  District - Board of Education Meeting
                                                 MIS - Parent Laptop Meeting/Training
                                                 MHS - Girls Basketball with Aurora
                                                 MHS - Wrestling at Carl Junction


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