Subject: Cub Pride - September 25, 2015
Date to send: 9/25/2015 at 12:00 PM

  Cub Pride
Student Focused...Future Driven


Message from the District Office
Ken Gaspar, Board of Education Vice-President

      I am so fortunate to have the trust of the Monett patrons.  Serving as a member of your Board of Education has given me tremendous joy, unbelievable access to see the best in education, and an opportunity to make you proud of the Monett R-1 District.
     Two weeks ago my wife and I attended the ribbon cutting for the MIS/MMS FEMA shelter and cafeteria.  That facility is amazing!  The building’s main purpose is to provide refuge to children who occupy the intermediate and middle school buildings in the event of a dangerous weather event.  Secondary to this, the citizens of Monett are also invited to seek shelter.  The new cafeteria allowed us to convert the old cafeteria into classrooms for art, music, and FACS.  Immediately after this event, we repeated the grand affair at Monett High School.
     If you have not had an opportunity to visit the new Performing Arts Center, you are missing one of the most impressive assets the Monett School District has to offer.  Upon entering, your eyes are immediately drawn to the box office with its rich style and welcoming appeal.  The décor found within the lobby is well appointed and aesthetically pleasing.  Once you enter the grand hall, you are overcome with emotion over the opportunity that the students of our district will now be afforded. You completely forget that you have just entered a building whose primary design and purpose is to protect.
     Your Board of Education and the Monett R-1 administration have provided Monett’s children assurances unparalleled in Monett’s history:  protection and promise--the promise of greater opportunities, not just in the performing arts (drama, speech, debate, or music), but also in technology, the trades, in language, math, sciences, and sports.  It is difficult to argue the fact that the last ten years have been phenomenal. 

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Monett R-1 Departmental Updates

Monett R-1 Wellness Initiative
Alex Severs, Wellness Director

     The Monett Healthy School Healthy Communities Initiative kicked off the start of the school year with a Walk-to-School Week September 14th through the 18th.  A huge thank you is due all our parents, helpers, posts, volunteers, fire, police and so many more who made this past Walk-to-School Week so successful...we definitely grew as the week went on.  We had a BLAST, and we hope you did, too!   
     That was a grand total of 559 students for the week!!!!  Our mission is to teach kids important pedestrian safety skills and to create safer walking environments for everyone in our community. Walking to school is a great way for kids to exercise, and it also helps reduce traffic near schools. 

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Monett Intermediate School
Peg Winfrey, Principal

     Monett Intermediate School has been partnered with Cardiac Kids for thirteen years.  Cardiac Kids was started as a grant with the purpose of helping to detect high cholesterol and other heart health factors in fifth graders.  Cardiac Kids is now sponsored by Kohl’s, Cox Monett Hospital, and Children’s’ Miracle Network.  Cardiac Kids involves teaching fifth grade students about heart-healthy practices and activities, including a voluntary blood draw and the opportunity for fifth graders and their families to participate in three family activity and cooking nights.

     Our thirteenth annual blood draw involved 108 brave students.  Following the blood draw, students were treated to a pancake breakfast.  Students and their parents will receive a report of the blood test results within the next couple of weeks, and those students with high risk factors will be encouraged to follow up with their personal physicians.


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Upcoming Calendar Events
Friday, September 25, 2015  District - No School
                                                Staff Professional Development
                                                MES - Family Fun Fest 
                                                MHS - Football at Aurora
                                                MHS - Boys Swim/Dive Team
                                                           at Carthage Invitational 
                                                MHS - Girls Tennis at Big 8 Tourney
                                                           in Joplin

Saturday, September 28, 2015  MMS - 8th Grade Volleyball Tourney
                                                                 at MHS Gym
                                                     MMS/MHS - Cross Country at
                                                     East Newton Invitational 
                                                     MHS - Boys Soccer at
                                                                Willard Classic
                                                     MHS - Softball at Centralia Tourney
                                                     MHS - Band at Pride of the Ozarks
                                                                 Marching Festival

Monday, September 28, 2015  MES - All Pro Dad's Meeting
                                                   MES - Cubs on the Move Activity
                                                   MHS - 9th/JV Football with Aurora
                                                   MHS - Girls Tennis at District
                                                              Tourney in Joplin         
                                                   MHS - Volleyball at Pierce City
Tuesday, September 29 , 2015  MMS - Power Hour Activity
                                                     MMS - Volleyball with East Newton
                                                     MMS/MHS - Cross Country
                                                                          at Lamar
                                                     MHS - Boys Soccer with
                                                                College Heights
                                                     MHS - Softball at McDonald County
                                                     MHS - Boys Swim/Dive Team at 
                                                     Springfield Fosters Natatorium
                                                     MHS - Girls Tennis District Tourney
                                                                 in Joplin
                                                     MHS - Volleyball at Seneca

Wednesday, September 30, 2015  MCP - All Pro Dad's Meeting 
                                                         MHS - College Fair Day 
                                                         MHS - Girls Tennis at District
                                                                    Tourney in Joplin

Thursday, October 1, 2015  MMS - Power Hour Activity
                                               MMS - Football with Cassville
                                               MMS - Volleyball with
                                                           McDonald County  
                                               MHS - Boys Soccer with
                                                          Thomas Jefferson
                                               MHS - Softball with East Newton 
                                               MHS - Girls Tennis at District Tourney
                                                           in Joplin
                                               MHS - Volleyball with Aurora


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