Subject: Cub Pride - October 9, 2015
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  Cub Pride
Student Focused...Future Driven


Message from the District Office
Dr. Brad Hanson, Superintendent

     The last week of October (26th - 30th) will mark our annual parent-teacher conferences for the Monett R-1 School District.  These conferences have traditionally been set after first quarter report cards so that teachers can provide quality feedback about students’ progress to parents.  In years past, each of our buildings has conducted parent-teacher conferences in various formats designed to best meet the needs of parents.  With the sheer amount of technology available to us in this day and age, we continue to make changes in our conferencing processes that we hope will create the most effective partnerships between parents and teachers.
     This fall each of our elementary buildings (MES, CPE and MIS) has committed to start parent-teacher conferencing earlier than our designated parent-teacher conference week.  It is our hope that we can reach out earlier (especially at these levels where conferencing is typically done with one classroom teacher) to parents to establish the connection with parents that we hope will benefit student growth and learning.  MMS and MHS will continue to utilize the arena conferencing format that they have used in recent years to provide parents with a convenient means of visiting with all teachers on a particular student’s schedule.  These arena conferencing sessions have been set for the week of October 26th-30th.
     Our ultimate goal in this process is to initiate a partnership between home and school that serves to enhance student learning by providing as much information as possible about the learning activities children are exposed to each day.  Although the “official” parent-teacher conferences serve a solid purpose, it is also our hope that all parents will connect with their child’s school and teacher at all times throughout the school year. 

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Monett R-1 Departmental Updates

Monett R-1 Special Services
Teena Fare, Director


    October is designated nationwide as Disability Awareness Month.  The title refers to “disability” awareness, but I would like to focus on “ability” awareness.  The motto of Monett School District, “Student Focused . . . Future Driven” refers to ALL students.  All students have the ability to learn and grow academically and socially.  Social growth sometimes takes a backseat to academics but is equally important to success in life.  These skills are sometimes referred to as soft skills, which are necessary essential skills for success in the community and the workplace.  The following skills are most desired by potential employers:

Communicating - This is perhaps the most common entry on person specifications for job vacancies and for good reason.  Skilled communicators get along well with colleagues, listen and understand instructions, and put their point across without being aggressive.  They can change their style of communication to suit the task in hand – this can be invaluable in many different situations, from handling conflict to trying to persuade a customer of the benefits of buying your product.  If you’ve got good communication skills, you should be able develop constructive working relationships with colleagues and be able to learn from constructive criticism.

Making decisions - There are different styles of decision making, but the important thing is to be, you guessed it, decisive.  Gathering all the important facts, seeking advice, looking at the big picture, considering alternatives, being aware of repercussions – these are all things that contribute to good decision.  Things to be wary of are indecision and making snap decisions.

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GO CAPS Monett
Greater Ozarks Centers for
Advanced Professional Studies

Rebecca Merriman, Go Caps Monett Director
     GO CAPS Monett is an innovative approach to education that immerses Monett High School students within industry to make education relevant.  Our inaugural year finds our program with fifteen juniors and seniors eager to test-drive their future careers.

     This year two “strands” (or classes) are being offered: Technology Solutions and Engineering & Manufacturing.  One unique aspect of GO CAPS is the off-site classrooms where student learning takes place, embedded within the field that students are learning. Jack Henry & Associates is the host site for our Technology Solutions students, and EFCO Corporation hosts our Engineering & Manufacturing strand.  Students are treated with the responsibility expected of actual employees by providing their own transportation to and from the site, communicating professionally with both their instructors and their business clients, and dressing in business casual attire every day.
     The year began with professional “Boot Camp” – giving students the opportunity to learn and understand the professional expectations required for this course.  The host companies provided New Employee Orientation, exposing them to “real world” expectations in the workplace and providing detailed tours of their companies.  Students practiced formal presentation skills, developed a 30-second elevator pitch, collaborated in teams using effective project management skills, and learned the value of professional writing skills through emails and thank you notes.  The development of professional soft skills will be an integral aspect of this program throughout the entire year.
     While learning takes place within their embedded classroom, students work on real-world client projects provided by businesses throughout the community.  This semester students will work directly with business leaders on projects at MDC Technology Group, IMEC, CoxMonett, WinTech, MEA Financial group, Monett Metals, and at their host sites, EFCO Corporation and Jack Henry & Associates.  They will also be partnering with non-profits, such as the Monett Youth Baseball & Softball League, and hope to continue more service-oriented work.

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Upcoming Calendar Events
Friday, October 9, 2015  MES - 2nd Grade Classes visit
                                                    the Discovery Center
                                          MHS - District Softball Championship 
                                                     Game at Monett 
                                          MHS - Football with Clinton
                                                     "Senior Night"
                                          MHS - Speech/Debate at  
                                                     Kickapoo/Glendale Tourney
                                                     through Saturday
Saturday, October 10, 2015  MMS - 7th Grade Big 8 Volleyball 
                                                           Tourney at McDonald County
                                                MMS - 8th Grade Big 8 Volleyball
                                                           Tourney at Mt. Vernon
                                                MHS - JV Boys Soccer at
                                                           Willard Tourney
                                                MHS - JV Volleyball Tourney at
                                                           Fair Grove Tourney
                                                MHS - Band at Branson
                                                           Marching Festival
                                                MHS - FFA Annual Chili Supper
                                                           and Auction
Monday, October 12, 2015  MES- Kindergarten Community Helper
                                                        Field Trip
                                               MES - Cubs on the Move Activity
                                               MMS - Big 8 Cross Country Meet
                                               MHS - Cross Country at Cassville
                                               MHS - JV Football at Joplin 
                                               MHS - Boys Soccer at Bolivar    
                                               MHS - Volleyball at McDonald County
Tuesday, October 13 , 2015  MES - Kindergarten Community
                                                           Helper Field Trip
                                                MES - 1st Grade Classes visit
                                                            the Nature Center                                                 MHS - Boys Soccer with Webb city
                                                MHS - Volleyball with Mt. Vernon
Wednesday, October 14, 2015  MES - Kindergarten Community  
                                                                Helper Field Trip
                                                     MHS - FCCLA Regional Meeting
                                                                at MSSU

Thursday, October 15, 2015  District - First Quarter Ends
                                                 District - Board of Education Meeting 
                                                 MES - Big Event Color Run
                                                 MMS - Football at Seneca
                                                 MHS - Academic Team Meet at MHS
                                                 MHS - Boys Soccer with Neosho 
                                                 MHS - Boys Swim/Dive Team
                                                             at Joplin   
                                                 MHS - Volleyball at Lamar


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