Subject: Cub Pride - March 4, 2016
Date to send: 3/4/2016 at 12:00 PM

  Cub Pride
Student Focused...Future Driven


Message from the District Office
Dr. Brad Hanson, Superintendent


     This week the Monett Area Chamber of Commerce presented the Monett R-1 School District with the Pride and Progress Award for their efforts to design and build the new performing arts center at Monett High School.  This is certainly a significant recognition, and I wanted to take some time to mention several key contributors to making this vision become a reality.
     First, I believe it is necessary to thank the Boards of Education and superintendents of the past for their vision and persistence for keeping this type of facility on the master capital plan for the future.  I consider myself very blessed and fortunate to have been in the leadership role when the fiscal picture of the district and the federal funds became available to make this vision a reality.
     Next, our performing arts center design team became an integral piece in making suggestions and creating our wants/needs for the facility to the architects.  Murray Bishoff, Mike and Phyllis Garrett, Dennis Pyle, Jane Rogers, and Pam Schumacher from the Monett community joined our high school fine arts faculty to play a very significant role in helping create what you now see as the final product.  We started with the belief that we were only going to have one shot to get this facility right; therefore, we made every effort to meet every need in our design.
     No building project is successful without a good architectural plan.  We have been blessed over the past decade to partner with Sapp Design Associates for our architectural services.  Pam Haldiman and Bonnie Crawford worked side by side with our design teams to assist in meeting our facility needs.  The performing arts project perfectly displayed Sapp Design’s ability to listen to our needs and create a design that truly completes the vision.  I was most impressed with Sapp Design’s ability to design a facility that actually appears to have been a part of the original construction, which occurred nearly twenty years ago!
     R.E. Smith Construction was charged with carrying out the design plan to build the facility.  While general contractors are hired through a competitive bidding process, R.E. Smith Construction has been our general contractor for the majority of our district building projects over the past decade.  Mike Kavanaugh, job superintendent, and Mike Frietas, project manager, supervised the construction of the performing arts center to ensure that we received the quality facility for which we were paying.
     Finally, I would be remiss without mentioning a big thank you to the Monett community.  As a school district, we are blessed to live in a community that values progress.  Last night the school district received the Pride and Progress Award that signifies the commitment to progress.  It is our hope that this facility will continue to become a centerpiece within the community to showcase our musical and theatrical talent for many years to come.

Monett R-1 Departmental Updates

Monett R-1 GO CAPS Monett
Rebecca Merriman,  Coordinator

GO CAPS Teacher Externships
     Five days a week juniors and seniors in the GO CAPS program at MHS experience a very different classroom environment than most high school students experience.  This high school class won’t be found in the hallways of MHS.  Everything about GO CAPS is immersed in the local business community.
     But how can we provide a similar opportunity for teachers to immerse themselves in industry?  Employers consistently share that a gap exists between the skills required to be successful in a job and the actual skills possessed by recent graduates and new employees.  Teachers work diligently every day to bring relevant examples into their classroom, but how can we provide more experiences for teachers to work directly with business leaders?  This leads to the concept of teacher “externships” within industry settings: allowing teachers to “work” in industry, learn from these professionals in their environments, and bring that first-hand experience directly into the classroom.
     Last summer Springfield’s GO CAPS program, managed through the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce, connected 23 businesses with 31 teachers from 11 school districts for a week-long summer externship experience.  Teacher stipends were provided by the Coover Foundation through Community Foundation of the Ozarks.  Three teachers from Monett High School were among the participants: Mrs. Shelly Asher, Mr. Neal Bluel, and Mrs. Lee Ann Morris.
     Last week participants from the summer externship were invited back to participate in a Winter Summit held at the eFactory in Springfield.  Follow-up was shared about how the experience truly impacted their classroom, and continued discussion took place about how to offer real-world examples in the core areas of math, science, and communication arts. The result was an exciting fusion of mutual collaboration and partnership between education and business.

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Monett R-1 Special Services
Teena Fare, Director


        I am proud to be a Monett Cub!  I am not the only one with “Cub Pride,” as it is evident every day throughout the Monett R-1 School District.  There are countless examples demonstrated by staff and students on a daily basis, but one recent example was very special.  The Monett High School student body has not only gotten to know the students in the building with special needs but has supported and embraced them with open arms.  Their actions made Rose Homecoming a night to remember for two students in particular: Meg Young and Juan Agustin.

     The character and acceptance demonstrated by the student body by voting Meg Young as the sophomore representative on the Rose Homecoming court is an example of how the efforts of others can create the moment of a lifetime for one person.  Meg has an outgoing personality and has many friends throughout the high school.

     Juan Agustin also had a career night!  Juan is the team manager but dressed out and started the varsity Homecoming game against East Newton.  The players for Monett and East Newton are to be commended for making Juan’s dream of playing varsity come true.  After several shots and rebounds by both teams, Juan scored his first basket.  He is forever in the record books as scoring 2 points in a varsity game.

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