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 Cub Pride
Student Focused...Future Driven

Message from the District Office
Brad Hanson Ed. D, Superintendent


What is a proficiency scale?
One of the fundamental units of creating a true standards-based approach to student learning is the development of proficiency scales.  Our Monett R-1 administrative team worked this summer to come up with a simple definition of what we believe exemplifies the true meaning of what a proficiency scale is and should do.
“Proficiency Scales provide a path for mastering the things that students must know and be able to do.”
This week I would like to take a deeper dive into this definition in hopes of providing each reader more clarity and understanding to what an effective proficiency scale should look like, what it should do for each segment of our population, and the purpose for doing all of this work.

  1. Clarity and Consistency – Proficiency scales should provide clarity and consistency for Monett R-1 staff, students, and parents in what we believe is essential for all students to learn and, more importantly, how proficiency skills will measure whether the student has reached proficiency towards meeting that standard.  This language should be written simply enough so that students at that respective grade level can understand the expectations placed in front of them.
  1. Used by all segments of the school population – Typically, curriculum documents are most utilized by teachers and administrators.  We have tried to improve in the area of sharing our curricular objectives with parents and the community over the past several years.  Proficiency scales provide a very simple means of providing that transparency to other teachers, grade levels, and parents about what is taught and how each particular skill is measured.

The primary segment of the population that proficiency scales can significantly impact, however, is students!  Students begin to reflect on their own learning development, and they begin to set goals towards meeting proficiency within the selected standard when they utilize proficiency scales.  One of the most impressive things I have witnessed..

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Monett Middle School
Jonathan Apostol Ed. D, Principal
          Beginning in the 2016-2017 school year, Monett Middle School students will be evaluated using proficiency scales.  Proficiency scales are not new to our students, as they experienced this system of evaluation since they attended Monett Intermediate School.  For our parents whose student has transferred from another school, proficiency scales are a transition from traditional letter grades to proficiency scale reporting.
            Proficiency scales focus on a student’s performance in relation to a standard.  The following chart may help clarify this for students and parents:
4.0 In addition to a 3.0, the student has shown in-depth inferences and applications beyond what was taught.
3.0 The student has achieved the grade level expectation.  The student exhibits no major errors or omissions.
2.0 There are no major errors or omissions regarding the simpler details and processes; however, the student exhibits major errors or omissions regarding the more complex ideas and processes.
1.0 With help, the student exhibits a partial understanding of some of the simpler details and processes and some of the more complex ideas and processes.
0.0 Even with help, the student demonstrates no understanding or skills.
            As students perform in relation to a standard, our MMS staff expects and encourages our students to perform at the 3.0 level.  Students performing less than a 3.0 have the ability to re-assess with their teacher to attain the level of proficiency.
            While academic performance is important...

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Monett Food Service Director
 Ms. Helen Wink


           With the many rules placed on Nutritional Services, it is an important part of our daily program to be able to recognize and create meals for our students that are both healthy and appealing.  Aramark and the Monett R-1 School District continually work together to make this happen for our students.
           In order to follow the guidelines, everyone involved in planning, preparing, and serving meals is required to take annual training on identifying a “reimbursable meal.”
          What exactly is a reimbursable meal and what should it look like?  Based on the type of meal served (lunch, breakfast, or after-school snack), a school meal must contain a specified quantity by age/grade group for each of the food components:  meat or meat alternative, vegetable or fruit, and grains/breads.
          Many of the daily questions from students, parents, and staff revolve around why we are so strict with what is offered to our students.
          I have put together a few facts, and I encourage everyone to take the opportunity to visit the DESE (Department of Elementary and Secondary Education) website and to take advantage of the articles and guidelines in order to understand the challenges that your Food Service staff face each day.
          Under the DESE school meal nutrition standards, school children are offered more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains on their trays with more low-fat and nondairy products and less fat and sodium.
          And, there it is, that dreaded word, SODIUM.  This word has become a major source of many discussions in and out of the kitchen.
          One tablespoon of ketchup doesn’t seem like so much.  But think about how much you usually use— probably not just a spoonful.
          Why is this an issue?...

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Upcoming Calendar Events
Friday, September 2, 2016:           
7:00pm Varsity Football @ Mt. Vernon

Monday, September 5, 2016:             
6:00pm JV Football vs. Mt. Vernon
Tuesday, September 6, 2016:  
6:00pm Volleyball

4:30pm Boys Swimming & Diving (Monett Duel, Monett YMCA)
4:30pm JV/V Girls Tennis vs. Bolivar (Monett North Park)
4:30pm JV/V Boys Soccer vs. Carl Junction (Burl Fowler Stadium)
5:00pm V/JV Softball @ Lamar
6:00pm Freshman Football @ Nevada
6:00pm JV/V Volleyball vs. Pierce City

Wednesday, September 7, 2016: 
9:00am Varsity Girls Tennis - Monett Invitational (Monett North Park)

Thursday, September 8, 2016:    

5:30pm Football vs. McDonald County
5:30pm Volleyball @ Lamar

4:00pm JV/V B/G Cross Country @ Seneca Invitational
4:30pm JV/V Girls Tennis @Thomas Jefferson Independent School 
5:00pm JV/V Soccer vs. McDonald Co. (Monett South Park)
6:00pm JV/V Volleyball @ Neosho 

Friday, September 9, 2016:  
Varsity Softball - Ozarks Fall Softball Festival vs. Nixa @ (Nixa HS 12:00pm)
                           Ozarks Fall Softball Festival vs. Grain Valley (Nixa HS, 3:00pm)
                           Ozarks Fall Softball Festival vs. Lebanon (Nixa HS, 4:30pm)
 7:00pm Varsity Football vs. Lamar

Saturday, September 10, 2016:
9:00am Boys Swimming & Diving - Monett Invitational
9:00am Varsity Softball - Ozarks Fall Softball Festival (Bracket play)
9:00am Freshman Volleyball - Joplin Tournament
             9:00am - Monett vs. Joplin
             11:15am - Monett vs. Republic
             12:45pm - Monett vs. Carl Junction
9:25am  Aurora JV Volleyball Tournament vs Nevada
              10:20 vs. Carthage
              1:00pm vs. Seneca
              3:45pm vs. Strafford
9:00am Varsity Volleyball @ Ash Grove Tournament
              Monett vs. Fair Grove
              Monett vs. Miller
9:00am Varsity Softball - Ozarks Fall Softball Festival (Bracket play)
9:00am Freshman Volleyball - Joplin Tournament
             9:00am - Monett vs. Joplin
             12:45pm - Monett vs. Carl Junction
9:25am  Aurora JV Volleyball Tournament vs Nevada
              10:20 vs. Carthage
              1:00pm vs. Seneca
              3:45pm vs. Strafford
9:00am Varsity Volleyball @ Ash Grove Tournament
              Monett vs. Fair Grove
              Monett vs. Miller
              Monett vs. Billings
9:00am JV Soccer at Carthage JV Tournament
             9:00am Monett vs. Carl Junction
             12:00pm Monett vs. Neosho

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