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Cub Pride
Student Focused...Future Driven

Message from the District Office:
October Board of Education Report
October 20, 2016

The Monett R-1 School Board of Education met on Thursday evening, October 20th, at 6:03 p.m. for the regular board meeting.  The following business was conducted during the board meeting:
Approve Minutes
Minutes from the regular September meeting of the Board of Education were approved.
Consent Agenda
The consent agenda was approved, including the following items:  
Board Program and Recognitions – Monett Elementary School  
Mrs. Brockman, Mrs. Godsey, and Ms. Hanson presented an overview of the components of project- based learning units and showed a comparison of "traditional" teaching and learning vs. "project" -based teaching and learning.  They also highlighted a current project that some of our first grade students are involved in to better demonstrate the structure of project-based learning.  In this project, students will be assessed over eight essential learning outcomes.  
Administrative Reports
     Dr. Hanson provided the Board an update on a variety of topics that included the following:

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Monett R-1 Departmental Updates:

Monett R-1 Athletics
Mr. Daryl Bradley, Athletic Director

Officials: “Give Them a Break!”
     I have been very fortunate to witness several athletic contests at every level ranging from youth sports to the professional level.  One common thing in sports is officiating.  It’s the umpires’ and referees’ duty to preside over competitive athletic sporting events to help maintain standards of play.  They detect infractions and decide penalties according to the rules of the game.  I decided to write about officiating because if we don’t change some of our attitudes towards officials, we may not have enough officials to go around for all of our contests in the future.
     Fan behavior tends to be a very unpopular subject in Monett, especially considering the competitive nature of our fans.  The Monett fans are very knowledgeable, but what some of them fail to realize is the training required to officiate contests.  Each state and sports association has its own educational requirements for officials.  To officiate at the high school level, the officials must register with the Missouri High School State Activities Association.  They must attend an area rules meeting, attend a mechanics class, and pass a written exam to earn certification to officiate.  The area rules and mechanics meeting allows officials to learn about rule changes and to review their own performances to improve officiating skills.
     Regardless of the sport, the job is highly stressful because officials often make split- second rulings.  These rulings sometimes result in strong disagreements expressed by coaches and spectators.  Being an official is hard.  Officials sign up for a job with the expectation, unfortunately, that they will be yelled at or even verbally harassed.  It doesn’t matter... 

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What's Happening at Monett Middle School
Jonathan Apostol, Ed. D, Principal

Proficiency Scales:
      For the first time at Monett Middle School, teachers, students, and parents experienced proficiency scales.  Proficiency scales are a way to report student progress solely based on content mastery, not on points earned on assignments and tests. The proficiency scale was introduced to students and parents at the beginning of the school year; the teachers have used the scale to help students understand the “target” and provided opportunities for students to demonstrate their mastery. The proficiency scale for academic standards is described below:
4.0 In addition to a 3.0, the student has shown in-depth inferences and applications beyond what was taught.
3.0 The student has achieved the grade/course level expectation. The student exhibits no major errors or omissions.
2.0 There are no major errors or omissions regarding the simpler details and processes; however, the student exhibits major errors or omissions regarding the more complex ideas and processes.
1.0 With help, the student demonstrates a partial understanding of some of the simpler details and processes and some of the more complex ideas and processes.
0.0 Even with help, the student demonstrates no understanding of skills.
     Monett Middle School also introduced behavior standards in the areas of Responsible, Respectful, Social, and Learner.  Some examples in each area are the following: Responsible -  turning in assignments on time; Respectful - respectful to self and others in class; Social - collaborating appropriately...

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Upcoming Calendar Events
Monday, October 24, 2016

Week of October 24th - 27th: Red Ribbon Week!

4th Grade Field Trip

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Sectional soccer (Here) - Time and opponent tbd.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016
Pre-K Field Trip

Thursday, October 27, 2016
Early Dismissal - Parent/Teacher Conferences

Friday, October 28, 2016
No School - Parent/Teacher Conferences

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