Subject: Cub Pride - January 27, 2017
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 Cub Pride
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Message from the District Office
Dr. Brad Hanson, Superintendent

School Board Recognition Week:


     This week (January 23-27) is designated as National School Board Recognition Week.  This week is set aside in all communities throughout our state and nation to recognize the work provided by local school board members.  Elected school board members serve three-year terms and serve to represent their respective communities by overseeing the various aspects of the school district.  Listed below are just a few thoughts about our Monett R-1 Board of Education:
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Monett Intermediate School
Mrs. Cherie Austin, Principal

           Talent Search  

     Monett Intermediate School has been included in Talent Search through Crowder College.  Talent Search is a federally funded program designed to assist middle and high school students with the necessary understanding, skills, and desire to complete high school and then continue their education.  Talent Search serves students who are traditionally underrepresented to explore training and educational options and to enroll in postsecondary education.  There is no cost to students or families, and all services are provided at no cost to the students.  There is an application process, and forty MIS students are currently in the program.  Students may stay in the program through high school graduation!
     Activities include monthly in-school workshops about academics, colleges, and careers; college and university visits; field trips to local businesses, cultural events, and college activities; summer academies where students participate in team challenges; one-day, on-site workshops about manners, health and wellness; college entrance exam preparation (ACT) and creative writing; one-to-one... 
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 Monett School Resource Officer
 Officer Jay Jastal

     The past month while I was filling in until we found a new crossing guard, I noticed numerous traffic violations.  Some of the violations I witnessed were exceeding the posted speed limit, distracted driving, improper lane use, and seatbelt and child safety restraint violations.  Most of the violations I observed were not committed by teenagers but by seasoned adult drivers.  On one occasion in late December, I was crossing the street with a child, and an adult driver, driving in the center turn lane while talking on a cellphone, almost hit the child and me while we were in the crosswalk.  Needless to say, that resulted in a traffic stop.
     Traffic laws and ordinances are established to reduce accidents and to protect citizens and must be obeyed.  This time of year some children are still walking to school before dark or on foggy mornings.  Slowing down and paying attention while driving, especially in and around school zones, will help ensure their safety.   

     In the past month, Monett Police officers have stopped or observed people drag racing and “hot-rodding” on the city streets and in the parks.  One incident resulted in significant damage...
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