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 Cub Pride
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Update from Monett R-1 Technology Department:

 Mrs. Lauralie Powell, Technology Integration Specialist  

      Innovation in Monett R-1 Classrooms


  “Innovation starts with an idea.  This idea needs to have potential for a positive result or impact.  Execution is the difference between an idea that would create value and an idea that does not create value.  Just having good ideas is not enough.  No one ever innovated by sitting on their brilliant idea and twiddling their thumbs.”

     If innovation is what you’re looking for, you’ll want to stop in and take a look at some classrooms at Monett Intermediate School.  There’s a healthy “buzz” of excitement as 5th and 6th grade students eagerly work on their Innovation Hour projects.  It’s thrilling to see how technology plays a role and has opened up opportunities for these students. 

     Ms. Kew’s student, Andrew Greenlee, recently focused on Pangaea for his Innovation Hour and is now currently researching the brain.  Prezi is his “tech tool” of choice.  When he finishes his projects, his findings are shared with the class.  Jacobi Cantwell and Emma Hunter have created their own Rube Goldberg project and will eventually use iMovie and green screen technology to record and share their final presentation.  Joshua McCullough uses to learn French during Innovation Hour.  When asked, “Why French?” his response was that he’s “obsessed with it.”  Joshua hopes to be a famous French chef one day.
     Ruby McMillen is using to create and design her own online games.  Her plan is to create the games, share them with her classmates, and then send out a survey to get their feedback.  She’s interested in hearing what suggestions her peers have.  Ruby says she’s glad she gets to work with technology and knows how fortunate she is to attend a school that allows her to have a different perspective of her learning:  “I’m glad we get to pick what we learn about; we can get a more in-depth... 

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Monett High School
Mr. David Williams, Principal

Standards-Based Learning at Monett High School

    I have received lots of questions regarding standards-based grading and what, if anything, we are doing with it at Monett High School.

    The most important question that I wish to address is the “why” of standards-based learning.  That is best explained by reviewing what it is we are working on at Monett High School.

    Currently, at the high school level, we are concentrating on two things:  

A.  Identifying the essential skills (standards) that we want our students to learn in each class.  We call these skills the Essential Learning Objectives, or ELOs.  The rationale here is why spend a lot of valuable class time learning material students will never need again?  Let's identify and concentrate on the really important material that students will need to be successful.  

B.  Developing a “proficiency scale” to communicate where a student is in regards to mastery on each of those identified essential skills.  The reasoning behind this is that if  students know exactly where they are on the identified ELOs, they know what...
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