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           Cub Pride

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Message from the District Office
Michael Evans, Ed. D, Assistant Superintendent


      Over the past year, it has been my honor to meet with groups of teachers from all over the district to work on a host of different projects.  At the beginning of each meeting, we get reintroduced to each other by sharing something about ourselves.  Sometimes it is our favorite Sonic drink or maybe our favorite place to get away from it all.  But my favorite question to ask the group at these meetings has been, “Why did you become a teacher?”  As we shared our stories, a single, common thread emerged.  Each of us was brought into the education profession by someone who had earned our respect, who had inspired us to be more, who had challenged us to look beyond ourselves.  In short, each of us had been called to the profession by another teacher.
      Some of us met our teacher in elementary school, high school, or even college.  We unknowingly walked into a classroom and before we realized it, we were on the path to becoming a teacher.  Some of us grew up with our teacher as our parent or grandparent, being inspired on a daily basis.  Teaching became something that was a part of us and our families. But in each case, we were brought to the profession by the inspiration of those who came before us.
       But teachers don’t just inspire their students to become teachers.  They inspire them to be...

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Monett Elementary School
Mrs. Susie Gasser, Principal


     As the 2016-2017 year draws to a close and the anticipation of retirement is beginning to become a reality for me, I’ve spent some time reflecting on the changes that have occurred over the last 27 years at Monett Elementary.  One of my colleagues thought it would be fun to share a “Top 10” list of changes, so here goes!
Top 10 Changes at MES Since 1991
10.      Purple ditto machines
9.         Four sections of each grade
8.         No ethnic diversity
7.         Addition of ELL classes
6.         Paper grade books
5.         Blackboards with chalk
4.         Nine separate buildings on one campus
3.         All 58 exterior doors remained unlocked
2.         Grades PK-6 all on this campus
1.         Air conditioning!!!!!!
Of course, with changes there are also always things that do not change!...
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Monett Intermediate School
Mrs. Cherie Austin, Principal


     And before we know it, it’s May.  This has been a year to remember!  First, I want to thank the students, staff, parents, and patrons for making me feel welcome in my first year in Monett.  There is always something about that first year.  I will never forget it!
     We are on the verge of completing MAP testing.  It seems like a marathon during this time.  Fifth graders take three different tests: English Language Arts, Math, and Science.  Sixth graders take English Language Arts and Math.  This is their chance to show off what they have learned and worked hard for during the year.  The students have really put forth their best effort, and I am proud of all their hard work!
      Two MIS-ers got the chance to be celebrated by the district last Friday as they drove through what we call the “State Tunnel.”  They were celebrated at MHS, MIS, and Central Park.  These two young men qualified for the State Math Competition.  What an amazing place Monett is to celebrate ALL students!
     Avoid the summer slump!  I’ve heard those words for years around the education community.  It sounds scary, but it’s very simple.  There are two easy ways to do this: 1)  READ and 2)  Attend summer school.  One or both of these will help students avoid that summer slump and prepare them for the next school year!

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Central Park Elementary School
Mrs. Jennifer Wallace, Principal


   “Surf’s Up!” and we’re catching the last waves of learning at Central Park Elementary for the 2016-17 school year!  We are winding down the year by celebrating the completion of end-of-year assessments in MAP, summative assessments, Developmental Reading Assessments, and reviewing the final data to celebrate the progress each student has made while in third and fourth grade this year.  The last two weeks are filled with activities such as The Big Event, when students will be spending half the day at North Park playing with friends and having lunch.  In addition, students will be rewarded with a trip to B & B Monett Plaza 8 Theater to celebrate their MAP efforts.  We are starting a new tradition at CPE this year thanks to the efforts of our CPE President and Vice-President.  We will have Track Day at the MHS football field on March 16th.  All students will be participating in several track activities, and Vayla and Dayannara have designed a certificate to give to the winners from each class.  All of these activities are rewards for the hard work and recognized growth in learning for CPE students.  We will miss...

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Monett R-1 Departmental Updates
GO CAPS Program
Mrs. Rebecca Merriman, Coordinator


     GO CAPS Monett is completing its second year, providing juniors and seniors an opportunity to work alongside professionals solving real-world projects in embedded, business classrooms.  In just two years, we’ve grown from two to four strands (or classes) and from 15 to 38 students.  Next year this growth continues as we invite students from surrounding school districts to be part of GO CAPS.
     This year our students were given projects from 21 business and organizations in our community, helping them solve problems and develop solutions that are being used today.  Industry professionals frequented their business classrooms, industry tours were taken throughout the region, and career paths were explored through this hands-on learning environment.
     Each strand is led by experienced instructors who bring professionalism and a tremendous amount of passion to their team.  We’ve been fortunate... 
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